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Re: LFS vs APD wisdom - (alternate subject here)

On Sunday 11 May 2003 01:25, Scott H. wrote (among other things):

> Okay, I'm overstating the case.  But "slow-grow: and
> "fast-grow" cut a bit too broadly.  I know there are
> infinite (or anyway a lot) of variations that one can do
> with each of the different aspects of aquatic gardening,
> especially if one is willing to make adjustments in the
> other aspects.  But I think a set of rules of thumb (not
> the Laws of Hammurabi but guidelines) can be listed for
> each of the several basic methods.

The methods I can think of off the top of my head are:

Dupla method (see George Booth's site for details)
Dan Quakenbush's method (still on line somewhere?)
Earl Hamilton's method (see The Krib)
Karen Randall's school tank method (see The Krib)
Sears and Conlin's algae control method (see The Krib)
Steve Pushak's soil substrates method (Steve's site, The Krib(?))
Diana Walstad's soil-based method(s) (see her book)
Tom Barr's method(s) (summarized somewhere?)

Books on aquatic plants usually also include some information on culturing 
plants.  Who did I miss?

Roger Miller