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Re: Newbie Design Challenge

Arthur said:

> The most bang for your buck, by far, will be to
> purchase a co2 system.
> 1. light
> 2. co2
> 3. ferts
> 4. algae consumers
> 5. substrate
> This would be my prioritized list.

It would be the list for many experienced aquatic
gardeners.  I would move CO2 up to position 1 and lights
farther down.  That's just for emphasis on how the money is
distributed.  You really need some of all these things
except the CO2 system if you're going to set up a slow-grow
tank.  For a first tank, I'd recommend that.  Then later,
if you're hooked, add CO2 and then more light after that.
Or start a second tank but with CO2 and more light.

Co2 without lots of light if good for plants, not so good
for algae.  Lots of light without CO2 is not so good for
plants but pretty good for algae.  That might be what
Arthur meant by "biggest bang for buck".

Scott H.

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