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Re:LFS vs APD wisdom - or dialectics and didactics

>>Don't read too much into my weirder gambols with language;
not totally off the mark, I was having fun and mainly
poking fun at my own snobbery about UGFs.  But, hey, if I
got you just one person to look just one thing up, then
somebody learned something and it was a good a day.  I like
it better when *I* learn something, but whattayagonnado?<<

Well I don't think I have any snobbery about UGFs, I just don't see a reason
to use them in a planted tank, and never have. It has nothing to do with low
tech or high tech. All a UGF does is provide biological filtration. Thats
its reason for being... and in a plant tank biological filtration is
unimportant. So why bother?

Over the years I have heard much debate about UGFs in planted tanks and if
it is actually detrimental to plants. But most people who use UGFs with
plants and swear their plants grow just hunky dory  is because they started
with a UGF and then later decided to make it a plant tank. They didn't want
to tear down an established tank just to take the UGF out.  I just don't see
any reason to do it intentionaly from the start. Put your money to better

Robert Paul Hudson