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Re: 99 SAEs in the tanks 99 SAEs, Take one out and . . .

When Gerry Skau asked why David Whittaker had bought a
hundred or SAEs over the years, Davide replied, in part:

> Initially I bought thirty and lost quite a few due to
> starvation. . .
> SAEs require a fairly high level of oxygen in the water. 
> Sometimes
> a tank will become overcrowded with plants. On several
> occasions
> when the tank has been covered, this has resulted in
> asphiciation
> in the early hours of the morning when the plants are
> consuming
> all of the oxygen.  . . About twenty are always kept 
> available for cleanup in
> eight tanks. . . occasionally one
> finds a jumper
> on the floor.

Like many things in the hobby, it can add up pretty fast.

Scott H.

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