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Re: bulkheads+canister

>  Can I make use of the holes in the tank as the
> in and out for the
> canister?  I've never had a canister before, would it be
> ok to have the
> inlet and outlet tubes exit/enter the aquarium through
> the glass near the
> bottom of the tank like this?  . . . would there be 
> maintenance
> problems?

I'm supposing you're not going to have both tubes run to
overflow pipes, wouldn't you rather hide them like that
great Houston outfit does that wins all of the awards?

If you want to disconnect the tubing to brush them out, why
won't the water gush out of the holes?

You'll either have to use quick connect valves at or near
the holes, or hold the tubing ends up above the tank water
level while you brush them.  Either way is workable and
much dryer than some of the alternatives ;-)

Scott H.

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