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Re: Newbie Design Challenge

>>120g glass tank on sturdy stand

2x Eheim 2224

DIY wet/dry

Emperor dual bio-wheel hang-on<<

Good circulation in a large well planted tank is more important than over
filtration. I dont think you need the bio wheels or the wet/dry if you have
two Eheims. If the Eheims alone do not provide enough current, just add a
couple of submersed powerheads

>>2x 192w dual bulb Jalli Deluxe power compact (w/ 4x 7100K 96W)<<

I am a little confused here...whats the total wattage of your lighting?

>>About 100# of large honeycombed limestone rock<<

Why would you want limestone?

>>(current substrate is 4-6mm dia. epoxy-coated gravel mixed with crushed
seashells but I plan on trashing that)<< Good, get rid of it

>>In an ideal world, it seems like I would want 100% flourite, but by my
calculations, covering 1450 sq in, 3 in. deep will cost around $250-350. I
have read that 50/50 with sandblasting sand is good, but that is still
pretty expensive. I've read about TexBlast mixed with laterite which sounds
affordable. I am still a little unclear on how to use laterite. How much
would I need? What maintenance is required for laterite?<<

Depends on what "brand" of laterite. I sell Dupla laterite, and its one
large box for every 55 gallons.  Basically you just want about an inch or
less layer on the bottom of the tank. There is no maintenance involved. You
just put it down and cover it with gravel. Some people add a sprinkling of
peat to the laterite.

>>Where can I get a large assortment of such plants to fill a 120g tank? How
many of what types do I need? <<

There are vendors on this list, including myself, that can provide you with
everything you need. You have enough money to get the best overall solution
and still have some dollars left over! I would address light, C02, and the
substrate first. Depending on how you address these issues, you can then
procure the appropiate plants. It is much easier starting a new tank and
avoiding initial problems such as algae blooms if you load up the tank with
as many plants as possible. This helps break in the tank. Getting plants
peice meal from friends, auctions or whatever makes this more difficult.
Where ever you decide to get your plants, get as many as you can to fill the
tank. Worry about fancy aquascaping after the tank has broken in for a few

Robert Paul Hudson
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