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Re: IV pump on Ebay

>> This auction is for a Imed Gemini PC-2 infusion pump 

As a retired RN, I can tell you that this is a Rolls Royce IV pump.  It's 
among the best ever manufactured, and is not all that old.  It came out in 
the early 90s, and is still in use in hospitals everywhere, so it is still 
quite modern.  The PC-1 was a single pump, while the PC-2 is a dual pump.  It 
is capable of great precision, and was made for continuous heavy duty use.  
Of course, the rub is that the tubing is quite expensive, and doesn't last 
longer than a day or two, so be prepared to be eaten alive in tubing cost if 
you plan to use this thing 24/7.  You could easily spend a hundred dollars 
per week on the tubing for this thing.  I would also want to run the serial 
number past the NCIC to make sure it's not a "hot" item.  Since it's such a 
modern pump, few hospitals would have gotten rid of theirs quite yet.  No 
hospital could have traded theirs in to "upgrade," since there's nothing 
better than this pump in quality.  Frankly, I would be a bit suspicious of 
this offering.  This is not an item you commonly find in the hands of private 
owners.  It's easily worth at least several thousand dollars on the used 
market, so be prepared to shell out if you do buy it.  Caveat emptor.

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