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   I've been thinking about adding a stream from my above ground full sun 
pool to
the ground level shady pool. A distance of 35 feet in a straight line.
  I would like to attempt to grow some of the carpet-type plants in this. as 
well as some emergent tropicals.
    Any suggestions on depth and flow rates?? Sun exposure
  What type carpet plants would be best suited to this  ??
  At present I grow I grow tropical lilies and Hyacinth in the full sun and 
mostly aquarium plants in the shady one though I've added some seedlings  of 
some aquatic palms and gingers..I intend to keep these contained as they get 
rather large but the palms are incredibly slow growing tropicals.
    thought the carpet plants would make a great visual effect. Sort of a 
lawn underwater.
   Any ideas on how to start them off and what sort of substrate??

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