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Re: Honey

Trust me, honey has no useful application in aquaria. I tried that and all
of my fish puckered up against the glass. I had a heck of a time getting
them unstuck. I still haven't been able to scrape all of their lip prints
off the sides of the tank either. The fish run into that stuff and slide for
awhile before finally stopping against the glass. Makes for some very nasty

(Oh, some of those are my lip prints...I guess I was having too much fun
that day, but it sure tasted sweet.)

Every fish in the tank had their tongues stuck to the roofs of their mouths.
All of my fish have a lisp now and that's disturbing.

Honey globs up the filter too. Instead of no filter noise or a low purr,
it's BAL-OOOP, BAL-OOOP all day long.

The only positive about honey in aquaria, is that when combined with a nice
actnic bulb, it rolls around in the water giving a pretty darn realistic
lava lamp effect. Great for the retro disco party now and then :)

JoAnn - I ain't got noooooo honey money!