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bulkheads+cannister / B.R. / Tampa

Hi all,
I have three questions (I save them up before I post):
1) I have a 40long that is drilled and has bulkhead fittings in two places
on the bottom of the back glass pane.  I am currently using standpipes
through the bulkheads to drain water into my sump.  For a couple of reasons,
I'm now entertaining the idea of switching from my trickle filter to a
canister.  Can I make use of the holes in the tank as the in and out for the
canister?  I've never had a canister before, would it be ok to have the
inlet and outlet tubes exit/enter the aquarium through the glass near the
bottom of the tank like this?  Obviously a canister is sealed so I wouldn't
worry about overflow, but would there be maintenance problems?
2) I have three Bolivian Rams, one of which is smaller than the others
(didn't start out that way) and is getting picked on a little.  Not too
much, but I can tell he's not growing as fast as the others, so he must be a
little stressed.  His colors and finnage are very nice and he looks very
healthy, but I am considering getting rid of him for his own sake.  Also for
his own sake, and the reason I'm posting this here on this list, I want only
to send him away if I know he's going to a good home - and especially a
planted home.  I figure you all sound like good (or at least concerned)
aquarists, even though for some reason I detect a hint now and then that
some of you care more about plants than fish. ;)  Anyway, I live in metro
Detroit and if anyone is interested in him, he's free to a good home (you
pick up or I'll deliver in the Detroit area)
3) I'll be visiting Tampa/Clearwater area soon and I need reference to good
lfs to visit while there, please!

Lew Newcomb