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Re: Crypt sp. tries to flower immersed

I am a lurker and don't always keep up to date on my reading of the APD. I saw Chuck and Antonio's posts and wanted to add my two cents and two flowers.

About 18 months or longer I transplanted some C. blassii or siamiensis out of a 10 gallon tank in which I use an UGF with an outside power filter as well. Lighting is one single Triton tube on for 12 hours via timer. Temp. about 75F. 3 SAE, 4 Otto's for a fish load. I am very lax in changing water, usually just add to make up for evaporation and do a major change every 3 months. I placed the Crypts into a 37 or 38 gallon tank- 12"x30" footprint. Here I use a double tube fixture with Triton tubes. UGF and outside power filters here as well. Same care of the tank. I add some Ferrous Sulfate every few weeks or so, no schedule. Very soon after transplanting one of the Crypts flowered under water. First time that had ever happened to me. I was able to get an excellent photo of it on my 35mm camera. I need to see if I can get it scanned so that I email it to Chuck if he would want to see it.

About one month ago a different C. blassii (siamiensis) plant in the 10 gallon tank flowered. I would have never noticed it except for the need to make up for evaporation and add more water. I was planning to take a photo but I wasn't able to make time to do it. For all I know they may be flowering more frequently and I am not noticing them.

I don't test my water on a regular basis so I can't fill you in on the state of these tanks. I will be leaving tomorrow to pick up my daughter at college and won't be able to check my email until Monday PM so if anyone wants to respond I won't see it until then.

Jerry Smith in rainy Bloomingdale, NJ

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