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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #150

* * * maybe they aren't discussed much
because they cause so little trouble (that's my view, too).

That's my belief too. If the list only discussed the non-CO2 slower growth tanks, the list would go from very busy to very slow. All the posts re CO2 would be gone, and 90% of the posts about getting rid of algae, lighting, and fertilizing would be gone. The discussions of how to grow some of the more difficult plants would be gone too. So even though the success of my first Walstad type tank made me convert all of mine, I still enjoy APD with all the high tech info on it - well, I delete some of the detailed stuff about valves and such. After all different horses for different courses - some people like to tinker, and some of us just want a pretty tank and healthy environment for fish with minimum tinkering.

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