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Re: Updated i-aquaria pages -- or - Planted Aquaria Eclipsing Plain Fish Tanks?

Ed Tierney said:

> I've recently updated my aquaria website, not a big
> update but I have added
> some of my Eclipse 3 pics.... speaking of which I'd
> really like to hear from
> others who keep these small Eclipse tanks.  
> I haven't had any problems growing plants in this tank
> albeit a slow process

I think these are great for slow grow tanks.  How timely
with outburst of support for aeration and talk about
aeration and CO2 levels in non-COs injected tanks.  The
biowheels in Eclipse tanks are very good aeration devices. 
Maybe that 's why these tanks work so well as low
maintenance plnated aquaria.  I wish Marineland would clue
in on this and aquatic gardening in general -- it would be
good for them and for, as Tom (or Bill Clinton) might put
it, growing the hobby.

Btw, I think there was a healthy outburst from Eclipse
buffs just last month ;-)

Scott H.

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