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Fertilizer Question (Flourish)

I prepare a weekly mix of fertilizers that I use with an automatic doser. I
mix TMG, Flourish, FL Excel, FL Potassium, FL Nitrogen and FL Phosphorous
and then simply add the mix to the doser. My question is that towards the
end of the week when the solution is nearly finished I notice the mix has
become very cloudy and full of suspended particles which settle to the
bottom. Is this something to be concerned about? I know Flourish is to be
kept cold so perhaps the fact that I'm keeping it quite warm for a week in
the doser might be to blame. Anyway, I've been throwing out the last 10ml or
so of mix when I see this happen and prepare a new mix just to be on the
safe side. If it's nothing to be concerned about then I'd like to use these
last 10ml of mix to give the tank a "mega-dose" the day before a water
change like Tom suggested.

Giancarlo Podio