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Re: lighting question

>>>Jerry Anderson said his plants didn't seem to do as well with the 4
20watt bulbs for lighting. 2 Power-Glo and 2 Aqua-Glo that he used to use
over a 20 gal. That 29 gal >>>tank is taller and that might be part of the
problem. You have a tank about as deep front to back but wider side to side
and higher. If it's a stock sort of hood with magnetic >>>ballasts, those
bulbs are probably a bit underdriven. Not enough to matter on the shorter
tank, but it has more of an effect on the taller one. Fert levels too could
be an. See >>>how they test out. You to consider, wter conditions, all the
ferts including CO2 before laying bucks for more lighting. 
>>>Scott H.
Well, I'm going to leave the lights alone for now. From all observations
that I've made to date the problem was - ME. I was not doing water changes
as often as I should have been and I was not introducing enough food for the
plants i.e. fish waste and fertilizer.
I've made some fundamental changes and my tank is very quickly coming back
from the dead. Algae is almost gone too.
Thanks for the input

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