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baby tear carpet

    Bought a couple sprigs of this from the LFS a few months ago.  After removing my massive 4 inch thick java moss carpet and spreading it to a few other tanks, I decided to grow a baby tear carpet in my 30 breeder.
    Took my existing mass of baby tears and ripped it apart into about 6 starter colonies.   These were weighed down with whatever was handy ( old hosing, pvc fittings, small chunks of driftwood).   Under the 250 W MH light it began to grow horizontally very quickly.  I had to increase my KNO3 additions by half of the current rate of 1/4 tsp 3 times per week. Aso increased my phosphate addition accordingly.  The  "carpet" is so massive and thick now it is almost unbelievable. It can really take over for a dramatic effect.   This plant grows so fast for me, it is truly a weed!!!!!  
Here is a bonus to the high- tech, high growth approach :
Lots of plants to sell and trade.  It really can offset the cost of the initial purchase and put some freebies in your pocket.  

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