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Re: LFS vs APD wisdom

On Thursday 08 May 2003 05:18, you wrote:
Kirk Melton wrote:

> I was wondering if by using an airpump if  you are putting CO2 into the
> water as well as O2, since atmospheric air has a higher level of CO2 than
> an aquarium with no CO2 injection?

Aeration moderates CO2 at a low level.  During the day when the plants are 
using CO2 the air pump will add CO2 to the water and (if the light isn't too 
bright) prevent the concentration from going to zero.  During the night it 
would release the CO2 generated by respiration in the tank.

It would be possible to turn aeration off at night and allow the CO2 to build 
up till morning, then turn the aeration back on at mid-day.

Roger Miller