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Florida Aquatic Plant Field Trip

Just an update.

Things are looking good for the trip as I have talked to a number of folks that would rather see another spring full of weeds than fall asleep hearing another speaking presentation(Hey! Will someone wake up Dave Gomberg!:-)
This means less cost and hassle for me and more cool plant habitats for folks! 

Also, I have a number of folks that have offered to carpool to the sites so it might be even cheaper than expected. Sites are within a 45 minute drive.

I have 4 hotels I'm looking at for a group rate  along with the canoe trip pricing. I will try and reserve the shelters for these dates at the parks for the BBQ's.

I think friends bobbing down 3-4 rivers full O weeds and fish would be a blast. Folks can talk all day about plants and what they see.
No high tech CO2 injected systems here! Several mile long journey down some extremely massive planted tanks.

It'll be on Aug 1-2-3. 
Friday: 8-9am general talk about not taking things from State parks and general habitat overview of Florida waters. Meet at UF Stadium. Car pool out to sites around 9 am. 

Day 1)
Ichetucknee River tube/snorkel
clear hardwater spring
Afternoon BBQ

Day 2)
Rainbow River canoe/snorkel
Afternoon BBQ

Day 3)
Lower Suwannee Refuge-road side blackwater pools full of plants.Canoe down the Santa Fe. Catch fish. 
Stop at driftwood/petrified wood shop(Tom's).

Wanna help out? Drivers/carpoolers/groups needed.
This is going to be a group effort. I'll supply some of the  BBQ supplies and will make sure no one starves and needs to eat water lettuce for dinner but it's a potluck style affair. Each person will pitch in for some BBQ food.
Cost: hopefully around 30-40$ per room per night. BBQ and park admission(1-2$ per person)/tubes(about 10$ for the day)/canoe(15~$ or so per person/day) etc should run pretty cheap. BBQ cost should be about 4-5$ each day.

Several eateries are along the way and in town.

Plant swaps and talking about everything you see should be fun also.
he Keys, Marineland, Disney, Glades, Big Cypress swamp, all within a day's drive. 
If you like plants and like going out into nature, this is for you.
Even if you don't like planted tanks, you'll still have a blast.
Bring sun screen and snorkel mask and breathing tube, you'll be bumming otherwise.  A camera is also a very good idea. Water is 72F FYI.

I think anyone that has not seen these rivers will come away "changed" afterwards. It is something you will never forget and a prime example of submersed aquatic plants/macrophytes in nature.

Tom Barr