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Re: foreground plants

Coleen asked:

Hi all, I have been lurking for a while. I have a question.
What is a good, low lying, densly vegetated, low maintance
foreground plant? Tia  Colleen

Echinodorus tenellus- needs quite high light intensities for
dense growth
Glossostigma, Elatine, Riccia, Lilaeopsis - nice dense
growth but not exactly low maintenance!
Marsilea - cute low light plant, not dense growth

You did'nt mention that they need to be carpeting or the
exact height required, so I suggest the following:

1) Anubias barteri var. nana. Quite low growth. very low
maintenance. problems: quite expensive if you need to cover
a large area. can be said to be carpeting but this is
extremely slow.  susceptable to algae in high light/
nutrient aquariums. Leave the rhizomes clear of the

2) Samolus valerandi ssp parviflorus (ie the US type). Very
lush green growth. Plant close to each other. Problems : Not
carpeting, Can grow upwards if too overcrowded. Only good at
low temperatures (<  26C).

3) Vesicularia dubyana (Java/Christmas moss). Attach to flat
slate / wood and cover foreground. Low maintenance. needs
pruning to keep in shape.



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