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Re: LFS vs APD wisdom

I think we do promote it, Tom has certainly spoken up about low light,
non-CO2 tanks before. I've always had low-light tanks, well they weren't
considered low-light some years ago :), I think many of us who have been
keeping plants in their tanks for some time started out this way. I guess
you just don't have as many questions to ask when keeping such a tank, most
of the problems and difficulties are related to fast growing tanks where
correct balances of nutriets play a more important role. I agree there is so
much info on fast growing setups today that a beginner might be lead to
believe that they need to have 5wpg to keep live plants. Like Tom said, it
comes down to what your goals are, some of us would go nuts if there wasn't
so much to do to our tanks :-)

Giancarlo Podio

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From all the responses to Kirk's original question you would think that this
list regularly advised people to use UGFs, good aeration and circulation and
to avoid adding CO2.  In fact, that hasn't happened in a long time.

The approach that Kirk's LFS advises is low cost, low maintenance and
successful.  It seems like the best method for people who want low cost and
low maintenance planted tanks.  So why is it that people on this list don't
promote that approach or anything even remotely like it?

Roger Miller