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Re: Crypt sp. tries to flower immersed

When I have another flower I will post it to ID.

I have a rich sustrate with Sepiolite, vermiculite, humus, laterite and
regulary fertilized with "balls"

Water parameters:
pH 6,8
NO3 minimum: 10 mg/l
PO4 minimum:0,1 mg/l
Fe: 0,1 mg/l

Dayly fertilization with K and Fe

> Subject: Re: Crypt sp. tries to flower immersed
> Antonio wrote:
> >I have regurally  Cryptocoryne albida´s? inmersed flowers
> That's interesting, Antonio. I've thought that my plant could be
> Cryptocoryne albida. How do you maintain nutrients?
> - --
> Chuck Huffine
> Knoxville, Tennessee