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LFS vs APD wisdom

Hi all... there is a local fish store near where I live that preaches a lot of stuff regarding plant care. A lot of what they preach is NOT in line with what I have read on the internet and on APD. All of their display tanks (as well as the ones they sell out of) have conventional powerhead driven UGFs, have plenty of surface agitation due to bubbles rising, have compact fluorescent lighting (not against APD wisdom), no gravel supplementations, and NO CO2 injection. The growth is always lush, and well kept. They have a variety of plants growing on rocks and driftwood, as well as amazon swords which constantly bloom, the most beautiful crypt balansae I have seen, a carpet of microswords, some beautiful red melon swords, and many others. And, no, I don't think they are changing out the plants every few weeks. This is an old established tank - but, they just broke it down and re-did it about 6 months ago. I was in the store today and the assistant manager was telling a woman there who could not get plants to grow in her tank to buy an airpump and stone to put aerate the water, which would stimulate plant growth -- the asst. manager has been there for over 8 years now, and this store has been in business for over 20, and the owner preaches the same thing -- UGF and plenty of aeration for plant growth. They DO add Flourish and Flourish Trace & Iron a few times a week to all tanks. Why is this working for them, but it would never work for me? I have to inject CO2 and keep my water surface virtually still to get results. What's the rationale for these suggestions by the LFS? I almost jumped out of my skin when she was telling the customer to do this.

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