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Re: gloss on wood

> Hello,
> I am a returning list member. I was a member for about a year
> and until
> about 18 months ago.
> My LFS just got some Glossostigma in. Naturally, I have
> purchased a pad.
> I'd like a bit of advice on how to affix it to rocks or
> driftwood (or
> whether this is a valid approach with Glosso.)?
> Thanks in advance.

Add Java moss to the area you want to fix the plants.
Tie it down well and let them grow into together.

Hairgrass and Riccia etc can also be used in this manner.
I like the look as it evolves, some do not. They consider it
"unpure and messy".

I think it looks more natural personally and looking in nature
will also tell what looks natural or not as well but each person
has their view of what they want to achieve in their tank which
is the goal.
Sometimes the goal is simply to see what happens and how it
evolves. I've been happy with this method although I can never
predict exactly how it'll turn out but placing some much control
on something can be frustrating for many folks. The natural
approach tends to be more satisfying and something folks can
live with more on a day to day basis.

Your tank is never a static oganism.
Gloss also forms mats on floating Riccia very fast.

Tom Barr

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