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Re: article on fish pain

In response to my bashing of PETA, Dan wrote:

Irrelevant and extreme they may be, but you're talking about them, aren't
you. And their name pops up alot on this list ... which means their message
and voice is continuing to be heard and noticed. Do radicals care if they
piss you off? Hardly - that's part of their objective! I too sometimes find
them irritating and downright silly, but I do think they're masters at the
PR game.

Touche! They are quite good at getting attention -- like a screaming brat in a movie theater more often than not. And, I suppose so long as elements of our society and government pander to this sort of fringe dweller, they'll never be wholly irrelevant. Perhaps the saddest and most irritating thing is that some of the issues PETA and their ilk bring forth are worth consideration, but instead of culturing reasoned discourse and debate, they choose to pluck emotional chords and polarize the issues. It's hard to get anywhere worth going that way.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee