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Re: glosso to hard objects

* From: Lazarus Miskowski <lazmiskowski at yahoo_com>

I've never seen this. I doubt it would work, since I don't think that glosso has "sticky" roots like Java Fern.

The roots are white, thin, and unremarkable.  Glosso
sends runners through the substrate.

Best to put it in your substrate.  BUt if you get it
to attach to rocks, let us know!


I agree with Arthur. Glosso normally has its roots in the substrate and gets nutrients with them. However, it can be grown floating if you keep your iron and other nutrients at good levels. If it can grow floating, then it presumably could grow if held to hard objects with netting as is done with Riccia. I think it would look good only for a short time, and than long trailing strands of glosso would develop.

-- Paul Krombholz in windy, warm central Mississippi