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Re: Fish pain - Insect gains - Who will PETA the poor Worm?

Billinet said, in part:

> . . . "pain" has a large
> psychological component, and the lower animals don't have
> as much "psychological" as do the higher ones.  They
> don't experience what we call "pain" in the the way we
> do.
> Case in point:  When I was little, one day I was fishing
> for sunfish with a worm and a bobber.  One fish lost its
> right eye in the process of being unhooked.  I returned
> him to the water, and in 10 minutes I caught him again,
> or an identical one-eyed fish.  If he was in "pain" I
> doubt that he would have been eating.

I think you're on the right track, but pain and gullibility
are not necessarily well connected, especially if cognitive
abilities are relatively slight.  One might even say it was
a case of entrapment ;-)

As for male praying mantis.  No one knows if they learn
their lesson -- no one has tested their behavior after
being eaten.   And what some guys would do for you know
what, who says an insect wouldn't risk it or ignore the

Scott H.

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