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Re: Buffet dinners

> Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 19:49:41 EDT
> From: JerrCarol at aol_com
>   I'm so misunderstood...:) I'm kinda new here and somehow
> missed the fact 
> that someone was complaining. I sure wasn't. I was just saying
> hearing from 
> the people who's products we like the best would be a good
> thing.                                           
> Good weekend
>      JerryB

Just hang in there and ask what you want. It's a bit like a
buffet dinner, you take what you want, leave behind what you
don't want. 
You might have to post 2x but it doesn't take long and there's
at least one person that will take the topic up, often after the
initial post many hop on board.

Tom Barr

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