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Aquarium Plant Books

Hi all, 
I'm just now really getting into planted aquariums and was wondering what are some good references you all would recommend? I have a couple of Amano's books for inspiration, but I'm also looking for some that deal with specific plants, with plant information and photos.

I found the following titles at the Barnes&Noble website, all published within the last 3 years or so:

Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants - Peter Hiscock

Aquarium Plants Catalogue - Holger Windelov

Aquarium Designs Inspired by Nature - Peter Hiscock

Aquarium Plants - Christel Kasselmann, Ulf Kotlenga (Translator), van Rroosdil Andre S. J. (Translator)

Ecology of the Planted Aquarium: A Practical Manual and Scientific Treatise for the Home Aquarist - Diana L. Walstad

Any comments on these titles, or suggestions of others are welcome.

Thank you,
Adam Coffman

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