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Barking up the wrong tree

Robert Paul Hudson wrote, and Jerry B agreed with this statement: "I wish more American companies like Seachem would follow your example and get involved with internet communities and organizations like the AGA."

I let it go, figuring that half the list would remark about it, but nobody did, so I will. How much more can Seachem get involved with this internet community? A post on this list about a Seachem product generally gets a reply from Greg Morin with in 24-48 hours. That is not true of any other aquarium products manufacturer, as far as I've seen. Maybe it is only true of this list, and not of other lists or the AGA, but as Claus Christenson of Tropica pointed out, CEOs have other drains on their time. Rather than complain that Seachem is not out there, why not be grateful that it is here?

I found it really funny that the most recent version of the digest contained the quote from Robert using Seachem as an example of lack of involvement, and a post from Greg Morin replying to a question about Seachem Prime. For those of you who didn't notice, Dr. Morin is the president & CEO of Seachem.


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