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Re: Photorespiration

I'm having a hard time understanding your last
post Tom. My following questions are not signs
of scepticism. They are signs of my willingnes to 
comprehend at least some bits of the interesting 
hypothesis and experiments you're up to. =)

Tom Barr wrote:
> But how this O2 and PR effects the algae/bacterial 
>epiphytes may be far more interesting since this is most 
>often what is eaten in nature by the herbivores like snails. 

Why is it interesting that snails eat algae/epiphytes regarding
the O2 och PR effects? Are the algae/epiphytes getting
easier to digest/scrape off when PR:ing?

> This effectively reduces virtually all PR. So even if the 
>O2 levels are high, depending on if the plant/algae 
>possess a good means to concentrate the CO2 around 
>the the enzyme responsible for roughly 40-50% of 
>the dry weight mass of the plant/algae has little effect.

Concentrate CO2 around the.. what?
What has little effect? 
Why is the enzyme-percentage of the plant dry weight 
mass interesting?

>O2 oxygenase substrate competition. 

What is this? =)

best regards
Daniel Larsson