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Re: Antibiotics and Thin-skin -- or - Dispassionately passionate about passionate promotions

> People shouldn't let their personal ideologies get in the
> way of 
> dispassionate analysis.

Aw heck, Bill, what's the fun in that ;-) 

I trust my MD with prescriptions.  Sort of trust my local
pharmacist with filling them.  Don't trust the lfs clerk
with info on fish and plants much less with medicines.  And
I quit trusting my own chemical prescriptive abilities back
before 1970.  I don't think I ever trusted what the drug
makers/vendors said when they weren't under oath -- but
that could be a throw back to the pre-70s days ;-)  .

I don't blame cartelism but I just don't think most folks
know what they are doing with medicines, for me or my fish.

Dispassionate presentation of the facts from dispassionate
analysis would be a nice switch in the TV ads for
prescription drugs -- they look more and more like car
commercials, if you know what I mean -- especially that
rash of stuff stuffed in at the end about actual annual
interest costs, headaches, nausea and sometimes death, etc.
 I don't think they are all corrupt and liars, but I have a
lot more confidence in what they say under oath than what
they seem to say on TV.  Except those tobacco executives; 
even under oath they seem to me to be boldface liars.  Call
me cynical, but why do medicines have brand names on top of
chemical names anyway?

Scott H.

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