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Re: my ramblings

> have a primitive lung that
> allows them to breathe from the atmosphere providing them
> with the oxygen they need in these small glass containers
> they are often displayed in. I do not approve of the
> practice in any way, but it does not do direct harm to
> them if it is not carried out for long periods of time,
> as in many days or weeks.

Thats the whole point...these Betta vases or "fruit jars" are not temporary,
but the average person keeps them in there until they die. They are also
told that the fish does not need to be fed, because it will feed off the
plant in the water...(the betta vase has a peace lily, the fruit jar has a
Spider plant, so we are talking about PLANTS here :) )  The last I checked,
Bettas need a high protein diet and are not herbivores. Am I wrong?

Claus Christensen wrote:
>>When the criticism is fair, we can in general tolerate it!
Thomas B. is close to the truth when he writes:
"Well they don't have time since they have companies to run."
It is not the best thing! We can learn a lot from the discussions on this
and other lists!
But it is the truth - when finish the work - it is sometime hard to find the
time for going into the enthusiastic discussion on the web!<<

Mr. Christensen,

I am sure we all wish you could post much more often. You and Tropica has
for a very long time been involved in public forums: you have been involved
in this list nearly since its inception, with AGA, you have written articles
for PAM and TAG and from what I understand you have been just as involved
with Aqua Planta in Europe. So why aren't your competitors just as involved
with the public and education? Companies like Dennerle, Hans Barth Dessau
and the many other nurseries in Europe? Is it because the American market is
closed to them or do they just have a different philosophy?

I wish more American companies like Seachem would follow your example and
get involved with internet communities and organizations like the AGA.

Robert Paul Hudson