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Re: ECO Aqualizer

Any of you gadget freaks tried this one out yet? Sounds interesting.

Sounds like marketing drivel.

Quoting from the FAQ:

[Copyrighted material edited out by the request of EcoAqualizer]

Nice grammar in that question, eh? Also, I'm not sure what a "bioceramic" would be. Maybe a carbon based ceramic? I remember listening through hours of lecture on engineering ceramics in my engineering materials class some years back. Never covered "bioceramics". More interesting is that they claim that it will emit "far infrared" (which would be long-wavelength light, nothing amazingly special) with no energy input. Any warm object will emit some, so I don't see that their product is going to have any special properties here. Seems like they just like putting the prefix "bio" in front of other words here.

[Copyrighted material edited out by the request of EcoAqualizer]

Again they need to do some proofreading, but more interesting is what they are saying. There is a magnetic field everywhere on the planet -- you can detect it with a compass. From further down in the FAQ there is an answer that seems to contradict what they have just said about their magnets aligning water molecules:

[Copyrighted material edited out by the request of EcoAqualizer]

Seems to me that pumping water around in your aquarium would have the exact same effect. And what is the point of aligning things when we just want to shuffle them around later to duplicate nature? Hmmm...

Sounds to me like they are throwing out some scientific-sounding information that has a little basis in fact, mixing in some engineering-sounding terms, and trying to sell it all to customers as some revolutionary breakthrough product. I think what they have is essentially an in-line filter, which can be picked up at Home Depot for maybe $10. If you want magnets grab a few shop magnets and tape them to the side of the in-line filter. Chances are that if you opened on of their units it would be a piece of pipe with several toroidal magnets around it.

I wouldn't waste any money on this.


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