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Re: ECO Aqualizer

JerryB wrote:

Well, I guess I bought the snake oil then. Oh well not being a scientist
sometimes cost a few bucks to learn lessons. But, I guess it's cheaper than
the college coarse I would have taken to learn about what this product really
does. I'll check my aquarium parameters prior to installation and report back
in a few weeks as to any changes if there are any. Thanks for any info.

Don't feel bad if it doesn't work, Jerry. Many of us have bought into snake oils, magic beans, or the Fiji Mermaid from time to time.

The ECO-Aqualizer an interesting contraption, but I had my doubts, hence my post. Still, it has yet to be proven whether it's snake oil or not. "Snake oil" hints at deception. I don't really see an effort to hide anything with this product; there's no "sorry, proprietary trade secret" here. Some respected names with reps to protect are associated with it, too. But, of course, the proof is in the pudding, and as of yet only the claims and theories of the manufacturer are in the bowl.

Fortunately, some of the claims made should result in changes to measurable parameters -- dissolved oxygen, ORP, etc. Even water clarity is said to be improved. I figure the practicality of the device will be held up or shot down in fairly short order by the aquarist community at large.

But, after thinking about it for awhile, even if claims hold true and the unit is functional, it would most likely have limited impact in a fully planted "garden" aquarium. The majority of improvements attributed to the device are already provided for in a healthy tank of this type. But tanks in which fish are the focus and live plants are, at best, little more than sparse ornamentation or fish cover would potentially stand to benefit.

Anyhow, I'll be interested in hearing your observations, Jerry. And if it doesn't work to your satisfaction, send it back before 180 days are up (you did know about the money back guarantee, right?). Or keep it anyway -- it might be good for Granny's rheumatism. ;)
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee
where a quake, 4.9 on the Richter scale, rattled the house around 5am this morning. That's quite a bit o' shakin' in these parts.