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Re:Re: Re: antibiotics

>>"I think most people would have the same experience as myself...only
very infrequent need for anti biotics, wether it is for BGA or disease."

Not even true. I've known folks that throw everything they can at a disease.
That are simply guessing rather than figuring out what disease they have.
I've seen this and done it myself in the past.

But a good home and mainteance removes the need for these drugs but folks
still do it. Can't stop that. SPCA goes after folks that abuses their dogs
and cats, but we hold a different standard for fish?
I'm not saying my opinion, just pointing out some conflicts we humans like
to place on what's acceptable or not.<<

So what are you saying then? Fish meds should be perscription only? You
should bring your fish into a vet to get meds? How ridiculous is that?  How
many vets are qualified to diagnose fish? What would happen...the cost of
meds would triple and you would waste money on a vet visit. Spend $100 to
treat a $2 fish!

I cant even remember the last time I had a fish with some ailment. So, I am
not constantly dumping meds into my tanks, and if anyone is they have
serious problems in the way they take care of their fish. Same thing with
blue green algae. Its a rare occurence in a reasonably well kept aquarium.
Treat it and be done with it.

Robert Paul Hudson