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Re: Antibiotics and Thin-skinned CEO's and the rest

I have the impression that the antibiotics used by aquariasts have little if 
any impact on the web of life.  There is no good evidence that antibiotics 
used in household cleaners or to keep beef animals healthy cause any 
significant damage to anything, any more that releasing native fish back into 
their original environment causes significant harm.

(I still don't like the idea of using antibiotics in an aquarium, though, and 
I never have.)

Probably people who stop taking a prescribed antibiotic when the symptoms 
vanish contribute far more to the development of antibiotic-resistant germs.

I don't think that much is gained by bashing classes of people or by taking 
shots at  nonexistent "drug cartels."  All groups in society have caused and 
are causing environmental degradation.   Society learns and moves on.

People shouldn't let their personal ideologies get in the way of 
dispassionate analysis.