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Re: ECO Aqualizer

I am not familiar with this product.  When I see this many
broad claims for a product, I generally get out my snake
info almanac and start trying to identify which oil comes
from which.  This info is often helpful when examining
broad product claims, but that's only my opinion.

Magnetic energy and far infrared (eletromagnetism and
heat???? low level microwaves?) hmmmmm.

BTW (and not having anyting to do with the plants), is
there anything that wasn't developed by NASA?  The only
confirmed item that was actually developed that way that I
know of is what was subsequently marketed as TANG.

One often hears teflon touted as a NASA development but it
was developed decades before NASA was created  -- which is
not to discredit any of the fine work that NASA has done.

Scott H.

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