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Re: Ecco terrorist?

From: "Robert H" <robertph3 at attbi_com>
Subject: Re: Re: antibiotics

"You are
starting to sound like an Ecco terrorist! :)"

I have no affilation with Ehiem's line of filters. I was unaware that they carry on terrorist activities. If those German aquarist make you feel unsafe, I suggest calling Tom Ridge ASAP.

Personally I'm much more worried about the "Corporate terrorist" committing crimes against nature. Something that happens far more than such small insignificant bunches of folks chaining themselves to a tree or letting lab mice free. Tree huggers really scare me:-)
My home town had loads of PCB's dumped in all of the water sheds(Courtesy of Westinghouse). My present area has a huge cement plant being built right near a pristine shining example of a beautiful aquatic paradise, Marineland hires third party thugs to kill the walrus parents so they can take the babies for displays. You want to turn the other cheek for corporate irresponsibilty but whine about a few bio terrorist be my guest:-) 
I suggest having a vet prescribe the drugs is all, not some kid at Petco. How many aquatist are fairly competent at fish pathology? I have not met many, breeder tend to be good though.    

 " I have had BGA 3 times in
last five years. I treated it each time, (months or years apart from each
other, in different tanks, under different circumstances), with Maracyn
each time it was effective and permanant. It never returned. "

I induced it in two tanks and went through pretty carefully with test kits to see if it might have something that confounds my conclusions.  

 "Anti biotics
have many uses besides treating blue green algae. They treat many fish
diseases and ailments and you are doing the hobby a great dis service by
suggesting they have no rightfull place in the hobby."

Never said that, I said selling non prescription drugs is unnerving to me. That means getting someone that knows the difference between diseases like Vet. 
Yes, Cyano folks are small potatoes, but fish folks are not. 

"I think most people would have the same experience as myself...only having 
very infrequent need for anti biotics, wether it is for BGA or disease."

Not even true. I've known folks that throw everything they can at a disease. That are simply guessing rather than figuring out what disease they have. I've seen this and done it myself in the past.

But a good home and mainteance removes the need for these drugs but folks still do it. Can't stop that. SPCA goes after folks that abuses their dogs and cats, but we hold a different standard for fish? 
I'm not saying my opinion, just pointing out some conflicts we humans like to place on what's acceptable or not.

you constantly have sick fish, then someone should think about a getting a
new hobby,"

I could say the same thing about you doing a diservice to the hobby with that comment as well. 

 "but to treat the occasional infection or BGA attack, they can
used as directed very effectively without any negative afffect.  Thats my
humble opinion.

Robert Paul Hudson"

I agree but there is a cheaper better way that does not require the use of antibiotics at all, also it gets to the root cause of the problem and doesn't cost a dime:) How can you argue with FREE? 
Tom Barr