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Re: Feeding Bristle-noses

June wrote:

Yesterday I inherited 6 Bristle-noses. Way more than I have algae for and a
couple are not fat, to say the least.
I am offering them canned green beans and frozen peas.
Would appreciate recommendations on feeding.

I haven't gotten around to keeping any Ancistrus yet, so I'm not sure what they will or won't take, but I've found that many plant eaters will take frozen peas if you boil them first. Before throwing them in the tank, I mash each one or, with smaller fish, only feed the innards and toss the skin. I've also had pretty good luck with zucchini bits, fresh spinach, and fresh nutritious lettuces like romaine (all also boiled first). The canned green beans may not be a good idea -- it depends on how they were cooked and what they've been packed in. You'd probably be better off trying fresh beans and boiling them yourself. Remember to scrub clean any fresh produce in case of pesticides, etc.

And there's always the commercial option. Yesterday, I bought a can of Two Little Fishies "SeaVeggies" to try. It's just chopped up seaweed. Much nicer than many of the dry, processed foods that are common. I'm tempted to take a bite myself.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee