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Re: Re: antibiotics

>>I have done something about the issue and found a simple cheap effective
method to beat this algae/Cyano without any drugs so I've done my part and
have spread the gospel in this regard more than most.
Selling non prescription antibiotics drugs in the pet industry and for the
our food supply is unnerving to me.<<

Common Tom, don't you think you are taking your view a little to the extreme
here? To suggest that anti biotics be pulled from pet stores? You are
starting to sound like an Ecco terrorist! :)  I have had BGA 3 times in the
last five years. I treated it each time, (months or years apart from each
other, in different tanks, under different circumstances), with Maracyn and
each time it was effective and permanant. It never returned. Anti biotics
have many uses besides treating blue green algae. They treat many fish
diseases and ailments and you are doing the hobby a great dis service by
suggesting they have no rightfull place in the hobby.

I think most people would have the same experience as myself...only having a
very infrequent need for anti biotics, wether it is for BGA or disease. If
you constantly have sick fish, then someone should think about a getting a
new hobby, but to treat the occasional infection or BGA attack, they can be
used as directed very effectively without any negative afffect.  Thats my
humble opinion.

Robert Paul Hudson