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Re: Vortex Filters

Torrence asked about getting a Vortex diatom filter or a UV

Tough choice, you can probably get by without either for
just about forever.  But a diatom filter will do a quick
clean up material in the water very quickly if you have the
ocassional need -- say you just disrupted the substrate by
removing a monster sized bleheri sword.  I'd recommend
doing without the lamp or the diatom filter but if you're
going to buy one, I'd go for the diatom pump.

If you spend the money for a Vortex, then for heavens sake
buy the recharge valve.  I don't know why they don't
include it with the filter -- not having the recharge valve
is like owning a car that you have to handcrank to start.

And then there's the System One diatom filter that needs
neither recharge valve nor water pitchers nor anything else
to charge it except to pour in the diatoms and screw the
jar onto the pump -- it's self-charging automatically
without requiring any extra steps at all.  The archives
have pros and cons on these two brands of diatom filters.

Good Luck,
Scott H.

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