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Re: Vortex diatom XL vs Tetra UV1

Torrance wrote:

I have reached a final level of desperation in eradicating that foul nemesis
know as "cloudy green-water".  I had done the water changes and followed
through on other practices that I know to be correc, but to no avail.  My
water parameters are fine:
150 gallon w/ ~ 612 watts of 10,000k light (JBJ PC and Oceanic PC)
Carboplus unit
Pressurized JBJ CO2 through bubble counter and eheim diffuser:  3 bubble per
ph 7.4
kH 5 degrees
gH 7 degrees
NO2 ~ 0 ppm
NO3 < 20 ppm
NH3/NH4 0 ppm

CO2 seems low. Just out of curiosity, why are you using Carbo+ and compressed CO2? Seems redundant, not that redundancy is necessarily a bad thing.

Another thing: Especially considering the size of your tank, you might want to think about
replacing the Eheim diffusor with a commercial or DIY reactor. Diffusors can be
problematic IME.

Yes, the nitrates are a bit high, but that should not constitue green-water
for a 2.5 week period of time.  In short, this situation started when I
cleaned the filter media in my EHEIM 2028 (boiled it) and killed off my
nitrifying bacteria.

That'll do it. I've been able to trace practically every algae bloom I've had back to a
shift in the nitrogen cycle. I.e., ammonia spike = algae attack. Once that algae
genie is out of the bottle, it takes a while to get it back in.

I am either going to purchase a Vortex Diatom XL or a Tetra UV1 sterilizer.
Which would you guys suggest as the best investment from your experience.
Special note:  I have also added Bio-spira (Marineland) to the aquarium on
last week, but to no avail.  I know that the Vortex diatom and the UV1 will
work, but what are you ladies and gents putting on your tanks?

If it's a matter of one or the other, go for the diatom filter. It's a very handy piece
of equipment to have around IMO. I don't think UV tubes are nearly as practical.
The only time mine gets run anymore is on the quarantine tank when I get new fish.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee