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New 225 gallon plant tank pictures coming soon!

Sadly, it has been nearly 5 years since I updated the pictures of the
plant tank on my website.

For those that have been around for a while, it is no surprise that my
plant tank doesn't look anything like it did after the major transplant
I did in 1998 when my first 225 gallon tank blew a seam after many years
of service.

One huge change is that I gave up stem plants a couple years ago. They
grow too fast for my lazy maintenance style. I really got tired of
constant pruning and cleaning debris from the prefilters. My tank is
really low maintenance now. Other than weekly water top off and
fertilizer, a couple hours every other weekend is all it really
requires. The bonus is that I can see most of the fish:)

I finally upgraded my digital camera and did a serious pruning. I
thought I'd share a large format zoomable picture of a 6 foot wide tank:

For those that haven't seen the old pictures, check out my plant page
listed below. If you like dense plant growth, they are for you:)

Jon Wilson