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Re: Re: E. Stellata & Willow hygro

On 4/25/03 4:24 AM, "Aquatic Plants Digest"
<Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com> wrote:

> Larry,
> thanks for your reply. My nitrates are generally around 5, even with the
> huge amounts. I'll let Tom Barr do his phosphate rant, if he would, to
> explain why I keep adding phosphate even with algae.
> But I was curious about what you said at the end: "Finally ,although
> unlikely with your GH around 4.5, you may have a Calcium def which could
> give the contorted growth. Always  good to double check. Your KH and GH may
> be off?"
> What are you suggesting I double check?
> Thanks,
> Rachel

Sorry for the un-clarity. Sort of like my tank right now. So cloudy it looks
like a misty jungle! I wanted to make sure that you were checking the GH and
KH separately. I have known some to confuse the two. If your GH is 4.5 my
understanding is this is from either calcium or Magnesium salts or both.
Your water may have only Mg. Which I doubt. But since you are adding some Ca
when you add the Equilibrium you could see if there is a notable change in
the GH after your water change (when I assume you add the Equilibrium) vs.
right before the water change. You may have one type of plant that is very
good at extracting Ca from the water and leaves too little for the others. I
note a change in my KH from 5 to 6 as the week progresses. I believe it is
from the bits of shell I didn't notice my gravel. After my water change it
goes back to 5. I watch my KH to make sure my C02 is not too high as I have
controlled pH.  Hope that clears it up. Now if only I could dip this
paragraph in my tank...

Larry Jones 
ljones at usc_edu