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Vortex diatom XL vs Tetra UV1

Hello everyone,

I have reached a final level of desperation in eradicating that foul nemesis
know as "cloudy green-water".  I had done the water changes and followed
through on other practices that I know to be correc, but to no avail.  My
water parameters are fine:
150 gallon w/ ~ 612 watts of 10,000k light (JBJ PC and Oceanic PC)
Carboplus unit
Pressurized JBJ CO2 through bubble counter and eheim diffuser:  3 bubble per
ph 7.4
kH 5 degrees
gH 7 degrees
NO2 ~ 0 ppm
NO3 < 20 ppm
NH3/NH4 0 ppm

Yes, the nitrates are a bit high, but that should not constitue green-water
for a 2.5 week period of time.  In short, this situation started when I
cleaned the filter media in my EHEIM 2028 (boiled it) and killed off my
nitrifying bacteria.

I am either going to purchase a Vortex Diatom XL or a Tetra UV1 sterilizer.
Which would you guys suggest as the best investment from your experience.
Special note:  I have also added Bio-spira (Marineland) to the aquarium on
last week, but to no avail.  I know that the Vortex diatom and the UV1 will
work, but what are you ladies and gents putting on your tanks?