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Water is the root of all evil

Just thought I'd butt in with a little nonsensical gloating....lol

I'm going to be moving soon and decided to drain my aquariums now, which
left me with a storage problem (ever try to store several large aquariums?).
I hated to just leave them where they were with nothing in them, so I
converted the 75 and 46 gallon tanks to terrariums (is that a bad word

Finally a use for all those commonly available mislabeled terrarium plants
that I've always seen fully submerged in the LFS. I hate to rub this in
folks, but this is easier than my adventures as the accidental aquarist.

Water? Screw that. Water is exactly what our problem is. Everything
frustrating about this hobby can be blamed on water.

I feel like "The Master". No algae, zero maintenance and if I play my cards
right, I should have some nice cherry tomatoes sometime soon.... Eat your
hearts out!  (I still have nematodes, but I'm not complaining.)

Well, after an exhausting day of not scraping algae and not doing a water
change, I think I'll close for now.

<Insert evil laughter here>

JoAnn - missing my planted aquariums already :(