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Re: E. Stellata & Willow hygro

> Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 08:14:52 -0700
> From: "Rachel Sandage" <rachelsor at hotmail_com>
> Subject: E. Stellata & Willow hygro
> I have read on this list the E. stellata can be a temperamental plant. Well,
> I may have found the perfect growing conditions for it. <snip> Here's the
deal: my E. stellata is growing gangbusters, although it is very
> green, not the nice pink.

I wouldn't say those are perfect growing conditions as your plants don't
have perfect coloration.
> Here's the tank params: 72 gallon bowfront, 220W PCF light, canister CO2.
> KH=GH=4.5, from addition of baking soda and Flourish Equilibrium. PH=6.8.
> 75% water changes weekly, with massive pruning to remove BBA. Add at water
> change & midweek 1/2t KNO3, 1/16t KH2PO4, 15ml Flourish. I am not adding any
> other K because the Equilibrium has a hunk of K in it. Also mega-dosing
> before water change with 1t KNO3, 1/8t KH2PO4.
> What's missing? What's overdosed? What is going on?
> - -Rachel
It seems like you're adding way too much. Your Nitrate levels, assuming they
go to zero every few days, would be boosted to about 10-12 ppm with adding
one tsp on KNO3. What is your tap water Phosphate level? Do you even need to
add more? I would definatly hold any phosphate with algae problems. Your C02
levels should be more than adequate. The only thing that seems glaringly
missing is Iron. That is probably why your pink plant is green. Your Mg
levels may be low and depending on your plants your Na level may be high.
That can be a problem with using baking soda to increase the "KH". I would
start by testing the Nitrate levels. If they are above 5 I would hold any
additions. Hold the Phosphate. Add iron and maybe some MgS04. It seems that
fourish has most most of the trace elements. Finally ,although unlikely with
your GH around 4.5, you may have a Calcium def which could give the
contorted growth. Always  good to double check. Your KH and GH may be off?

L. Jones