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Re: Clippard Adapter 15006-3-NP-PKG

I contacted Clippard about the problem I was having and their support people
tested and found that their stock was out of tollerance. They are sending me
replacements without the nikel plating. Great support!!

Thank you to the people who replied and offered to send me one of their own
adapters, I really appreciated it even if I didn't end up having to take
advantage of your offer.

Giancarlo Podio

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Hi Chuck, The only fitting on the regulator is a ball valve which I removed,
however the thread looks like a standard thread, the adapters I ordered have
a similar pitch but the thread looks like an acme or worm thread to give you
an idea (tips of threads are flat). I tried "hand" tightening it in the
regulator but it only goes in 1 1/2 turns before I can no longer tighten it
by hand. I didn't want to force it with any tools to avoid any damages, I
figured I got the wrong ones. Even the male thread of the ball valve I
removed looks like a standard 60 degree tooth. I'll call Clippard and see if
they can help me understand what I need. I might even be totally wrong,
perhaps the nickel plating made the thread a little tighter to go in but I
want to make sure. I'll contact you off list, thank you for your help.

Giancarlo Podio

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Curious. 1/4" NPT is standard pipe thread. The only difference between the
two adaptors you mention is nickel plating. Could your regulator have a
special fitting attached? The reg's I bought from a local air/welding supply
had 11/32" dash-something-or-other hose fittings that I had to remove before
a normal pipe fitting would fit. Maybe something similar is on yours? The
only other thing I can think of is that Clippard mislabeled the package of
adaptors you got.

Anyway, I have an extra adaptor or two floating around you can try, but
they're 1/8" NPT (15006-1), so you'll need a reducing bushing. Contact me
off list.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee