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Re: Cyano

> Can anybody tell me the 2 or 3 plant species that best show N defficiency,

Micrantherum ain't bad. You already have that.
Other more basic approaches:
Just add KNO3, KH2PO4, traces 2-3x a week and then do those 50% water
changes weekly.

By the time you see a N deficient plant, it's often too late and the plant
is already is bad shape.

Approach it by just keeping up on a dosing routine and you'll never need to
test for anything. 

Anything appears funny? Do a water change and add fresh nutrients back in.
Check CO2 and filter.

That's about it. 

Also, do water change after you scrub off algae, prune heavy etc.

> I need to get better indications when NO3 becomes low. I have a feeling for
> the consumption of N in my tank but since the tank is continuosly changing
> ( different plants dominating over time, different fish loads, major
> cuttings reducing total plant mass uptaking NO3 ,... ) it is hard to
> anticipate changes. An indicator plant can help out I think.

As above, it's too late by then. If the Micratherum is doing well, you are
okay. Riccia pearling can also help.
Just do a routine and then you know the tank is never out for more than a
day or so before the next dose/water change+dose.
> Thank you for the advice Tom. I was happy to hear this simple advice versus
> medicin threatment which I absolutely refuse.  ( I have used H2O2
> successully to beat Cyano once,  but I saw it hurt some of the more
> difficult carpet plants so I wanted to avoid that )

Well, the method I suggest works, cost nothing and takes less time(3 days vs
5 days)

Why other folks have this love affair with taking a pill to solve a problem
is beyond me. Pills are expensive! Try this with a 150 gallon tank.

There's the ethical and risk issue with adding antibiotics to our food
supply and ag crops. Non prescription antibiotics are sold by the companies
so they can sell more. I never needed any prescription in Mexico. These are
also sold to Ag companies to add to fed to reduce disease potential and
losses etc. Most folks stop taking the drug half way so they only half treat
the bacteria, many many aquarist use only 1/2 strength or only one dose to
treat Cyano, same goes for human illnesses.

If you think of the best ways to make a drug ineffective against a disease,
we are doing every one.

That is simply plain stupid and very very very bad public health policy.

So why are we not doing anything about it here in the USA and elsewhere?

The only "reason" is that some group might stand to lose profits.

Some lobbyist for Agrabusiness and Pharmaceutical companies.

I'll tell you that doctors and public health officials sure as heck don't
lobby Congress and tell them to sell non prescription antibiotics.

Follow the $, you'll find the reason.
I suppose the same could be said for folks at the LFS etc giving advice on a

How can you sell the blackout method?

You can sell plant nutrients and dechlorinator but not the blackout method
itself. But they'd rather sell PO4 remover, antibiotics and a RO unit to
The "dogma" is in their financial interest.

> suisoman Dirk

Tom Barr