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best kelvin temp for bulbs

>  I don't know but, I've seen a lot of people using 
> different types of light 
> but, I was always under the impression that the best
> lights for plants are 
> between 5000K and 6700K. Correct me if I'm wrong. 
> I'm here to learn too.

Plants really don't care what kelvin the bulbs are
(within reason).  People using 10,000K bulbs haven't
had any problems growing difficult plants.  My friends
at ADG (www.aquariumdesigngroup.com) use 10,000K
bulbs, as do many others.  My understanding is that
Luis Navarro (best of show AGA convention) also favors
that temp.  Mainly it's an aesthetic thing.  Do you
prefer a warmer yellow look, or a cooler white/blue


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